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    "China’s central bank said it will maintain support for the slowing economy as global risks rise, while vowing not to adopt “flood-like” stimulus that analysts say could exacerbate debt and structural risks."

    "A Mexican migrant shelter is raising concern over police intimidation after accusations of an unauthorized attempt by Mexico’s National Guard to enter the facility."

    "During the second night of the Democratic presidential debate on Thursday, most eyes will likely be trained on former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders – but for wildly divergent reasons."

    "39kg of cocaine was allegedly found in the luggage of an air force officer who was due to take President Bolsonaro home from the G20 summit."

    "They earned the joint nickname the "Song Song Couple" and were widely seen as Asia's answer to American A-list pairings like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie"

    "Firefighters have been battling fires which are understood to be Catalonia's worst for 20 years."

    "Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he wanted to elevate ties with China to create a new era for Asia’s biggest economies, and invited President to Xi Jinping to Japan next spring."

    "The U.S. Supreme Court rejected efforts to rein in the contentious practice of manipulating electoral district boundaries to entrench one party in power by turning away challenges to political maps in Maryland and North Carolina."

    "American women faced with new restrictions on abortions passed by a dozen U.S. states this year are turning to abortion pills from foreign online suppliers, and the states say there is little they can do to stop it."

    "BREAKING: The Supreme Court rules that federal courts must stay out of disputes over when politicians go too far in drawing district lines for partisan gain — a ruling that could fundamentally affect the balance of power in state legislatures and Congress"

    "McCartney's plea comes after PETA published footage that purportedly showed golden retrievers at a university lab. The dogs, PETA said, were bred with the canine muscular dystrophy gene and held in metal cells."

    "The world's most valuable liquor firm just set a new stock market record in China"

    "Hours after Beth Chapman died, her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, said she spent her final hours on earth worrying about her family"

    "Angela Merkel has been seen trembling again during a ceremony in Berlin, eight days after a similar incident."

    "Trade tensions risk throwing the global economy's transition to greener energy into disarray and could hurt energy companies' preparations toward it, BP Chairman Helge Lund said as leaders of the world's largest economies gather for talks in Japan."

    "BREAKING: The Supreme Court has blocked a citizenship question from being added to the 2020 census for the time being"

    "In a small workshop behind London's bustling Oxford Circus, a team of goldsmiths file, solder and polish the metal castings that in a few hours will become dazzling diamond rings."

    "Kim Kardashian announced she was releasing the line of shapewear she had been developing for a year, including both full-body garments as well as two-piece sets in several different colors, as “solutions for women that really work”. But her use of the word “kimono,” which in Japanese means “thing that’s worn” and refers to full-length robes with sashes donned for formal occasions such as weddings and funerals, annoyed many because it is being applied to undergarments - and she has filed to trademark it."

    "Meet the candidates who appeared last night in round one of the first Democratic presidential debate. Here are their 10 closing statements in 90 seconds."

    "The infection behind her knee was necrotizing fascitis, a rare flesh-eating disease. It's fast moving and deadly, and 1 in 3 people who get it die, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says."

    ""This will be their first official tour as a family!" ."

    "A day at the beach has turned into weeks of pain and agony for an Indiana teenager"

    "It was ruled that the businessman's great-grandniece had left an "unreasonable" delay in demanding the return of the Picasso painting 'The Actor'."

    "The U.S. Supreme Court handed President Donald Trump a significant defeat, ruling that his administration did not give an adequate explanation for its plan to include a contentious citizenship question on the 2020 census and preventing its addition to the decennial survey for now."

    "U.S. economic growth accelerated in the first quarter, the government confirmed on Thursday, but the export and inventory boost to activity masked weakness in domestic demand, some of which appears to have prevailed in the current quarter. For a custom daily brief of the latest stories from Reuters, try our Messenger news briefing:"

    "A stampede at a stadium during Madagascar's independence day celebrations killed 16 people and left 101 people injured, an official told CNN."

    "It is the game which could easily have been the final of the Women’s World Cup — the defending champions and favorites, the United States, against hosts France, seeking their first title. This World Cup has broken all manner of records for television audiences globally and Friday’s match should continue the trend, with the intervention Donald Trump merely adding to the interest."

    "This policy change could face its most prominent test with the tweets of President Donald J. Trump"

    "Phil Neville's Lionesses will aim to be the first England team to reach a third successive major tournament semi-final. 🦁🦁🦁"

    "Bankers are telling potential buyers of the French state's majority holding in airports operator ADP that there is little clarity on the timing or size of the sale, underscoring how risky the transaction has become for President Emmanuel Macron."

    "Twitter said in a blog post that it plans to place a disclaimer on future tweets from world leaders that break the platform's rules but that the company deems to be in the "public interest""

    "A 17-year-old Honduran migrant described babies sleeping on a cold floor. A teen mother said her sick baby was unable to open her eyes but no one responded to her pleas for help for two days. Another teenager took charge of a 5-year-old stranger because the small child was very upset and had no one else after being separated from her father."

    "Global soccer body FIFA should bring in experienced male officials to help female referees adjust to the VAR system following a number of incidents at the women’s World Cup, former England striker Sue Smith told Reuters."

    "It's a decision that amounts to a massive political victory for Republicans, not just in the moment, but also likely for the next decade-plus, writes Chris Cillizza"

    "They describe migrant detention cells as cages. Teen mothers just want clean clothes for their babies. Others say their children need to see doctors."

    "Jordan Lindsey was snorkelling with her family when three sharks attacked her."

    "The mother of a Salvadoran man who drowned with his young daughter while trying to reach U.S. soil, becoming a global symbol of the perils of migration, said she had urged her son not to leave, fearing danger would meet him on the long journey north."

    ""We don't know who left this baby, we don't know who abandoned her and we don't know what the reasons are, so we need to understand that," a sheriff said"

    "Facebook Inc on Thursday released the findings from its consultations with outside experts into its content review process, providing a glimpse into how its plans for a proposed "external oversight board" might take shape."

    "Deputy Terry Roper describes comforting the newborn baby he found wrapped in a plastic bag in the woods outside of Atlanta. "Your fatherly instinct kicks in. You just want to show love to a child who's never known it before.""

    "Japan's foreign minister says he is concerned about the UK leaving the EU without a deal."

    "The largest city in the US just declared a climate emergency"

    "The largest city in the US has declared a climate emergency in an effort to mobilize local and national responses to stall global warming"

    "It's actually two galaxies that are pulling on each other, causing distortion through gravity"

    "Companies often face customer and investor scrutiny when they do business with entities that fall out of public favor."

    "Southwest Airlines Co will not schedule Boeing 737 MAX flights until at least Oct. 1, the airline said on Thursday, just as the families of some Ethiopian Airline crash victims told a Chicago judge they are not ready to settle litigation."

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